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Novel in work, "The Long Star" is finished but is not published as of yet. It has been submitted to TOR Books for their consideration. 

See an excerpt - here. 

At exactly 3:00 a.m. on July 3,2012, both control room monitors looking at earth in Space Station Alpha's control center all went to extreme brightness. There were two screens showing the globe of earth. One was for Global Weather Systems, to tell the weather on earth from space; the other was for tracking and command channels between earth control, and Alpha control. When they went white, the entire control room lit up as if someone had turned on all the lights in the room...

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"Smoke Lady by Spiritsoul"
Having been a slave, she gets even with her owners in a very different way. Teaming up with an Indian who teaches her how to fight, she single-handedly takes out all those who stand against her. A very high level action story with an old West setting. This gal is someone to be reckoned with.
Kindle - USA,

SNOW by Robert Santee
Is a fantasy of a snowstorm starting in New Hampshire and covering the entire globe. Very few live through it, most die and the story follows several people as they fend for their lives and combat the storm. The scenes of the story are very realistic, and you will live the story along with the characters. The question is; is this just a story, or maybe a prophetic event to come. In any case, it is a critical event. You'll never look at snow again, in the same way.
Kindle - USA

Here you will find links to my books and e-books, and such else as I may decide to add.

The Sea Has Spoken by Spiritsoul
John's sailboat is no match for the elements of a devastating ocean storm. As his boat crashes on the rocks, he struggles to get to the island nearby. The hard-nosed woman he discovers there leaves him essentially alone on the island. His first mud hut gets washed away by a typhoon, and finally he finds a cave to live in. But his troubles are only beginning. A computer technician who is confined to a wheelchair, is finally instrumental in his rescue, and not a moment too soon.

 A Storm Came by R. Blair Sands

Finally she spotted what looked like a small cabin, stuck off to one side of the clearing, almost into the trees on the other side. At first she wasn't even sure it was a cabin, but it looked kind of like it. She moved toward it, trying to shelter her eyes and face from the wind, wondering if anyone was home. She couldn't see any lights on in the house, but she went up to the door and knocked lightly on it.

She remembered her training, not to bother other people’s things. What should she do now? There was no where else to go and now it was barely light outside. She began to cry, tears forming and running down her cheeks. She brushed them away with her hand and wished her father could find her. In her mind she cried out, “Daddy please help me, I’m scared.” 

There was no answer, and after a minute or so, she knocked again. There was still no answer. She tried a third time and still got no answer. She mustered up her courage and said, "Hello." There was no answer at first. It was starting to rain. It was a light rain, but still a rain that would soak through clothes in a short time if a person stayed out in it, especially when the wind was blowing it about. She huddled up against the door, not knowing what else to do. She thought, maybe I should try the door and see if it will open...

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Writing The Words
Speak To The Sky
by Spiritsoul - The story of an Indian maiden and an Indian brave who are not allowed to be together. Strange events occur which eventually cause their joining, but the brave who won out to have her for his mate is not only denied her love, but denied the right to die as he wishes. Saved by the first brave who brought only yellow pebbles as a give to her father for her hand. Many twists and turns in a truly Indian lore fashion. You'll love it. Get it today.

New in November 2010, right on schedule.

Dark Of Night - By R.Blair Sands

Exciting Science Fiction Fantasy coming your way. The manuscript is ready to submit to a publisher right now, and I'm just waiting to find the one I want.  A super-freighter in deep space explodes leaving three people who were out in a scout ship unconscious as they are thrown clear across the universe. When they awaken, they have no idea where they're at, and with food running short they eventually find earth and land. Adventure abounds rapidly in this story. Plenty of excitement for all.

Writing The Words
The Eleven - A new novel coming soon. It is about eleven people with super powers, who set out to make the world right. The political world will never be the same. Their egos are torn down completely as retribution occurs for problems they have caused. It is completed, and looking for a publisher. It is already edited and ready to go. 
Novel in progress - "Iceworld"   This one is currently being written, and involves ideas from people on the internet who have volunteered their thoughts on various parts of the story. Currently at approximately 20,000 words and counting. I'm having fun with this one.